+ Have you worked in a country other than South Africa?

+ Can you work in countries where French is spoken?

+ Must we register to be a waste generator according to the new Waste Act?

+ Why do you focus on environmental legislation so much?

+ How does implementing an environmental management system save you money?

+ Can you legalise a current activity that has been going on illegally for a few years?

+ We are a foreign company wanting to invest in southern Africa. My partners hear their is so much document fraud and exploration problems. Can you give me advice to how to be careful?

+ When are you going to offer geology services? We want to use you for other work as well.

+ We had a 12 hole drill programme and we now need to find a professional engineer to write our company's exploration report. Can you give me some names?

+ I have a prospecting permit but don't know what to do next. Help!!

+ What is the largest valuation you have done and on what commodity?

+ What does REID do?

+ How do I know when I need a REID Consultant?

+ Our company has many small problems but we cannot recruit someone for every little problem. How can you help us?

+ Who owns the mineral or prospecting rights under my farm or land?

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