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Section 31 L Pre Compliance.pdf
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Applying for a Prospecting Right in South Africa.pdf
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EcoPartners Terms and Conditions 2017.pdf

Ensure that you have familiarised yourselves with our Terms and Conditions. This includes terms and conditions for mining rights, prospecting permits and mine permits. 

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Mining Charter 2017.pdf
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What does the new Norms and Standards for sorting shredding grinding crushing screening chipping and bailing mean.pdf
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Reg 54 Audits A requirement for all mineral rights granted before 7 December 2014 .pdf

In terms of the transitional arrangements all holders of a Mining/Prospecting Right / Records of Decision (ROD) or Environmental Authorisations (EA) for activities directly related to prospecting, exploration or extraction of minerals that were granted before 7 December 2014 need to conduct an environmental audit on their Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) before 7 December 2019. 

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