The Team

Charlaine Baartjes Pr. Sci. Nat.

MSc;  MBA;  BSc. (IV); PGC Gen Tax;  PGC Mineral Law


Charlaine is the founding partner at EcoPartners, she has extensive experience in the Mining, Construction, Bulk Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Waste, Oil & Lubrication; and Land Development fields. Having applied more than 20 years of experience in the Environmental sector Charlaine has had the opportunity to work closely with all the components of Sustainable Development, Project Management, and Implementation of standards. She is currently serving on the Southern African Society of Quality board, has been chairman for many monitoring committee meetings, she has advised Senior Counsel for numerous construction projects where engineering redesign was forced on the applicant or the projects was rescued and saved the project by voluntary redesign. She has overseen the completion of more than a thousand projects on time, within budget and according to the agreed scope. Some of these projects had complicated stakeholder relationships of more than 20 specialists and hundreds of interested and affected parties that provided their inputs and comments for consideration by the relevant decision-making authority.

Charlaine has >1,000 hours Auditing and >2,000 hours training successfully completed. She has produced in excess of 50 technical reports and legal authorisations. Charlaine has worked closely with Legal, Finance and Engineering Advisors, NGO’s, Project Specialists, Competent Authorities and Project Proponents.

As a scientist she ensures effective data collection, monitoring and measurement in order to evaluate environmental performance, ensuring adherence to scientific, legal and other requirements


Neale Baartjes Pr. Sci. Nat

MSc. Geology, MBA BSc. (Hons) Geochemistry, PGC Gen Tax, PGC Mining Tax Law;  PGC Mineral Law


Neale has extensive experience in the Minerals and Mining sector – including mineral potential scans, exploration and production, Consulting and Economic Development sectors. Neale Baartjes is a professional geoscience expert with more than 20 years in the industry. Neale has worked with the public and private sector and has conducted work elsewhere in Africa. Neale has authored and co-authored almost 60 reports dealing with an extensive array of issues in the Minerals and Development sector. Nationally Neale is known for development complex techno-economic models, including cost benefit analysis frameworks.

With qualifications in geoscience, tax, law and business leadership, he has worked on opencast and underground operations and for some of the largest gold, diamond and platinum producers. He has managed an opencast mine at the highest level for several years and was responsible for production, compliance, safety and business development.

His expertise has been acknowledged by government and private sector where he has become an advisor to several Ministers and sat on numerous boards, such as the Mineral and Petroleum Development Board of the DMR, the SA Council on Natural and Scientific Professions. He also held positions on subcommittees for the Mine Health and Safety Council.  He has also been a long serving Fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa, having served also on its Membership, Transformation and Professional Affairs Committees.

Neale’s technical competence is acknowledged to be at an international expert level in a wide range including beneficiation economics and is why he is returned to Wits University as an External Examiner in their Mining Engineering Department from 2012 to present.

His area of expertise includes geosciences, exploration, junior mining, mineral valuation and economics, mineral rights law, government policy, mining tax and small-scale mining.


San Oosthuizen Pr. Sci. Nat.

MSc. Zoology; BSc (Hons) Zoology; BSc (Biological Sciences)

San has 25 years’ experience in the environmental field. She has experience in the Mining, Petro-chemical, Land development, Construction and Engineering fields. In her career she has applied for numerous authorisations ranging from Section 20 and 21 Applications in terms of Environment Conservation Act, Section 24 Applications in terms of the National Environmental Management Act and Section 20 Applications in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste Act. In the application process it is necessary to identify appropriate monitoring tools and to make recommendations to avoid or mitigate the environmental impacts associated with development projects.  She has conducted numerous audits ranging from performance assessments in terms of Regulation 55 of the Mineral and Petroleum resources Development Act, external environmental audits on terms of Regulation 34 of the EIA Regulations, 2014 and compliance audits in terms of Water Use Licences and Environmental Authorisations.  In these audits it is essential to evaluate the existing processes and make recommendations that align implementation with acceptable standards and / or practices. San is a qualified facilitator and has presented training in the form of ISO 14001 awareness and competency training and presented a 2-day course in Environmental Management and Regulation.


Kahmani Gounden Pr. Sci. Nat

BSc. (Hons) Geolog; BSc. Geology; BSc. Zoology; Higher Cert Law


Kahmani has been employed in the Mineral and Processing sector for over 10 years. She has worked on numerous research projects focused on various commodities including platinum, lithium, rare earths, silicon and coal, as well as the South African mining legislation. Kahmani has co-authored over 20 reports in the mineral economics sector. Kahmani is responsible for maintaining the legal updates for EcoPartners, of all legislation that is applicable to the mining, agriculture, manufacturing and retail sectors on a monthly basis. She looks after the mineral rights consortia of EcoPartners and has experience in applications (new mineral rights, S102, S11 and registration at MTPO) for all commodities, for local and foreign miners and investors. Her remarkable success rate with applications, is because every step must be legally sound and following a hands-on approach. She has worked on the SAMRAD system and understands the GIS platform on which it is based and even offers training to individuals and companies on how to use SAMRAD and submit a mineral right application. Kahmani’s experience in the minerals sector include, property selection for prospecting, RMDEC Meetings, Appeal Preparation and Compliance aspects of mineral rights.


Angela Mogale

Angela is the administrator at EcoPartners. She started her career working as a Customer Consultant from 2004 to 2010 working for one of the biggest Banks in South Africa – SBSA. She is well versed in banking solutions and has enjoyed learning how the industry works. She decided to branch out from the banking industry and in 2011 started working for EcoPartners as an Administrator. She is highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills. Able to exhibit confidentiality, discretion, tact, diplomacy and professionalism when dealing with directors or senior managers.