Public Participation Process

EcoPartners has been appointed as the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP), for the projects that are available for comment on this page. We conduct the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process according to the EIA Regulations 2014.  A Public Participation Process (PPP) forms part of the application  that must be submitted to the Competent Authority (CA) which makes the decision whether the project will be refused or approved.

The public participation process is done according to Chapter 6 of the EIA Regulations 2014 which specifies that the reports are available to all potential I&APs. But only registered I&APs (Whose name, contact details, address and interest has been provided to the EAP) can comment on the reports /documents that are submitted to the CA and will be notified of any progress on the applications

These details are then captured on a register and submitted to the Competent Authority.

The projects available for comment can be seen on the right-hand side of this page. The draft documents for comment can be found under each relevant project title. The reports for comment are available for a limited period of time (minimum of 30 days) to ensure that the applications comply to the timelines on the EIA Process. Only comments submitted within the allowable public participation comment period will be captured in the reports/documents submitted to the CA.

Registration/Comment forms are on the project page and are only available when a project is active.

Kindly note that this Registration and Comment Sheet will become a public record to be disseminated to competent and commenting authorities.  This information could be requested by third parties under the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA).

Projects that are in the Appeal Phase MUST follow the appeal process as prescribed by government, and does NOT form part of the comments phase.

Should you have any questions – please contact us.


Volspruit Integrated Waste Management Licence and Environmental Authorisation Application