About Us

EcoPartners is a high level, consulting, advisory and training company that specialises in the mineral resource, manufacturing and environmental domain.

What makes EcoPartners exceptional is that we honour the scientific evidence when assessing any aspect of a project. We present evidence and often call for evidence from clients and stakeholders. Evidence guides us, not hearsay or speculation. Being evidence led is what informs our decisions related to environmental compliance, training and auditing.

EcoPartners is a small company with big drive.  It is a private company, established in 2005 by our Founding partner and Managing Director, Charlaine Baartjes. Based in Johannesburg South Africa EcoPartners has completed assignments in West, East and Southern Africa for companies based locally as well as Canada, Australia, Japan, London and India to name but a few. We are trusted by some of the largest blue chip companies around and at the same time have the drive to service small companies with the same professionalism.

EcoPartners is the leaders in compliance management. Said another way, we want to get you into business or keep you in business. There are enough challenges for companies to deal with so many companies position us ‘in their back-office’ until a problem is solved. We then part ways amicably.

When asking our clients why they chose to do business with us we hear things such as: ‘the people who attended the first meeting did the project, and did not fob me off to some juniors under the pretense that they would do their work’; another client said: ‘You helped me understand the law when my attorneys did not even think of that’. Our approaches to projects are that this project with a client is the only one with them. We do not try and win the next contract by our clients by entangling them in a current project. A client must always feel they can leave us at any time, but choose to walk the full path with us. This also distinguishes us from many of our rivals.

In essence, we know our craft and know it well. Have you met a company where changes in the law are understood by each staff member weekly and communicated to clients monthly? We are that up to speed and on the ball.

Our core values are integrity. Integrity in how we prepare your supporting documents, integrity in how we bill you.  Do not be surprised when you find out we represent the best interests of a project, the best interests of the country and the best interest of the environment.